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I am officially glad that  I did the project.  I never thought that I would really win (except for a second there).  I thought I would get an honorable mention or nothing, but not this.  I think that this is a little late to say this, but  thank you to every one who helped and supported me Mrs. Colte, Mrs. Huzar, my family(Seth, Amanda, Angela, Rose, Jared, My Mom(Rose) and My Dad(Brent)), not to mention all my  GT friends and teachers.
Actual Essay 12/09/2010
Word Choice at Work
By Brent Sohn

We are told that “sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will never hurt us” but does this mean words are meaningless?  Words do have meaning.  Words make us feel emotional.  Words can brighten up our day.  The written word has this same power.  In The Missing Book 1: Found, Margaret Peterson Haddix draws out the characters and conflict with word choice.

Margaret Peterson Haddix heightens conflict with word choice.   When Jonah got the first letter,  “He knew it was just a prank--it had to be--but for just a second, staring at the words, You are one of the missing, he’d almost believed them”(22).    When Jonah thinks, “…it had to be…” he is trying to convince himself that it is a prank, but he knows secretly that it is not.  He tries to hide the evidence:  he “…crammed the letter into his jeans pocket” (22).    “Crammed,” means shoving quickly with force.  Jonah is trying to get the letter out of his mind; to further convince himself that it is only a prank.  This starts the conflict that leads to everything else: the library meeting, Mr. Reardon’s office, and the time hollow. The word choice of how he knew it had to be but it wasn’t a prank. The way the grammar and the words are used, this is amplifying.

Margaret Peterson Haddix chooses words that convey emotion and draws the reader in.  When Chip realizes he’s adopted, “…Jonah felt the anger boiling up inside him.  Jonah didn’t get mad often…But right now he wanted to stalk over to Chip’s house, swing his best punch and hit Chip’s dad right in the mouth” (35). Like a liquid at a very high temperature, Jonah is boiling.   Because his parents have always been open to him about adoption, he is furious that Chip’s parents kept his adoption secret.  He is so mad that he wants to express his anger irrationally.   He wants to “stalk” over to Chip’s house.  “Stalk” in this context means to stride to Chip’s house.   Stalk has a sinister connotation.  Swing has momentum and lots of force.  We know Jonah is usually calm, but these words show his extreme anger.

Word choice also amplifies characters’ actions.   When JB appeared at the meeting with Angela Dupre as the tackler he called out: “You can't do this! The tackler was screaming. No not exactly screaming. He was keeping his voice down, barely above a whisper, but his words still echoed with fury”(176).  This shows that JB is very serious.  “Fury” suggests extreme rage, J.B. but won't recklessly lose control.  He is mad, yet he keeps from shouting; he controls his voice so it is “barely above a whisper.” 

The word choice in Found hooks the readers’ attention and pulls them in, imprisoning them in a realm of action, danger, and excitement.

If you are wondering why I put my very best effort into this, it is because it will be able to be seen all over the world.

Idea of whole essay: Margaret Peterson Haddix draws out the characters and conflict with word choice.
First paragraph: Word choice conveys emotion and draws the reader in.
Second: Character's actions are amplified with word choice
Third: Conflict is amplified with word choice.
Vocaroo 11/29/2010
Vocaroo  <- That is a link
a.  Whenever it rains, I always wish I had my umbrella.
b.  He took the dogs on a walk, although the walk only lasted five minutes.
c. Since we will be eating turkey on Thursday, I would rather have a roast beef sandwich today.
d.  Unless you get your homework done, there will be no video games this weekend.
1. 2009 poster Travis Kim
2. 2008 poster Hana Ito +
3. 2008 poster Travis Kim
Avatars! 11/12/2010
Here is Chip when he was playing basketball and saw Katherine (13)  The blonde hair is from when he came over to Jonah's house to tell him he was adopted and shoved his hands into his curly, blonde hair (26).  The heart mark is from when he told Jonah about his crush (17).  The same with the blush marks (17).
This is Jonah exactly when and where Chip is.  All the details are in the story that the parents tell (I do not know the page no. so if you know it, please post a comment).

The avatars were from Otaku Avatar Maker.
1. Katerine snorted on page 21
2. You can always tell when there is a sleepover on page 21
3. Jonah looked down at katherine's list on page 209
4. Jonah cut mom off on page 91
5. Jonah pitched forward on page 95
6. Mr. Reardon showed them out on page 97
7. "You have to admit I'm a genius" Katherine said on page 99
8. Katherine persisted on page 99
9. Katherine sheiked then giggled on page 123
10. Chip clutched Jonah's  t-shirt on page 26
Here it is 11/08/2010
I kept turning the pages to read because you said there would be a project and I wanted to be a part of it.  I wasn't riddled by the riddles.  There were parts were I had no clue as to what was going on (an example is when Angela met with Chip, Jonah ,and Katherine and the tackler came in (all Hades broke loose), I had absolutely no clue of what was going on until I reread it for the third time).  I wanted to be a part of the project so I read it. It was a short(for me),confusing, yet good book.  I am glad I got a free copy.  My mom read it, but she has no feedback.  I like the book, and it had a hook, but a didn't get caught.
Well Mrs.Colte, 11/01/2010
Well Mrs.Colte, this is my "Found" blog.  I'll post assignments as a post.