Brent S.
Idea of whole essay: Margaret Peterson Haddix draws out the characters and conflict with word choice.
First paragraph: Word choice conveys emotion and draws the reader in.
Second: Character's actions are amplified with word choice
Third: Conflict is amplified with word choice.
Mrs. Colte
12/10/2010 03:00:06 am

I like your ideas. You have phrased your main point (thesis) well.

What is another word for amplified in the conflict paragraph? I like amplified for character, but maybe we can use a synonym for conflict? Or, rephrase the sentence so it doesn't sound redundant?

Do you have evidence from the text to support each paragraph?

We're down to the wire. I would like to see body paragraphs written today. Then, we will tackle the introduction and conclusion.

You are like me--you work under pressure and at the last minute. But we need to be sure we have time to edit, rephrase, revise.


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