Brent S.
This is the crew of Samuel de Champlain.  He died yestereday.  His last words were, "Check the back of the journal, and don't forget me...".  Those were the last words of our brave leader's final words.  In the back he wrote, "Although we may be far apart, we'll always have adventure at heart ".  We will always remember those words of the fearless, explorer, Samuel de Champlain.
I am suffering from a stroke.  I will die very soon.  I need lots more rest.
It's been almost a decade.  I have been going back and forth, exploring here, there, almost everywhere, no, not really.  I have been exploring various lakes and rivers.  One, I have proudly named Lake Champlain.  I will write again but, I don't know when.
It is Halloween; we are having fun in Quebec.  The Hurons are inviting us to stay in their camp.  I don't want to leave Quebec but we can't miss this opportunity.  We all agreed to go to the camp.
August 5th 1609 09/03/2010
I have fought the Iroquois on July 30 and there was so much excitement! After the fearsome battle only 12 Iroquois made it out but after that, we partied!
April 5th 1609 09/03/2010
Finally! Winter is over! I can't believe I survived that harsh season, but only 8 colonists made it through.  Now is a sad moment.  I will be very sad to break it to their families.  We are going to go back, but I will write more first.  We won't be coming back here.  If we set sail again we will visit the Hurons and stay for awhile.
We are at Port Royal and have prepared for the harsh winter I will write in april.
Once again I have been assighned to do somthing across the ocean.  We are going to Port Royal and try to make a colony I am bringing 24 colonists and staying through the winter.
We are finally setting sail.  I hope we will not encounter as many storms,enemy ships and stow aways as the first trip.
August 20th 1608 09/02/2010
We haven't the passage.  Like I said we will come back many times.  we are dissapointed,but we have searched to many dead-ends. We might find it later,but not now. 
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